9 Best Fishing Rods of 2024

Are you searching for the most fantastic spinning rod for your next fishing trip? We have worked hard for you and evaluated the top 9 fishing rods of 2024.

Spinning rods are the Swiss Army knives of fishing gear. They are incredibly flexible and more stylish than other types. After evaluating hundreds of rods, we chose the best nine based on their toughness, strength, sensitivity, and lightweight.

Are you in a hurry? Our ultimate favorite is the St. Croix Premier. This ultra-durable fishing rod detects every gentle tap from a fish as if giving you a friendly handshake.

Don’t worry if the Premier isn’t the best rod for you! We have eight other excellent rods perfect for different tastes and budgets.

Our Top 9 Picks

Best Fishing Rods of 2024

If you see a rod you like but don’t like its price, stay reading because we’ve provided cheaper options.

  • Length: Multiple pieces, travel-friendly design
  • Powers: Lightweight to heavy, adaptable for various fish sizes
  • Actions: Sensitive and responsive, precise casting
  • Grip: Comfortable and secure
  • Guides: Sensitive line guides for accurate casting
  • Durability: Built to last, with care


  • Sensitive and Lightweight Design
  • Portable and Easy Storage
  • Durable and Strong Blank


  • Higher Price Point Only

The St. Croix Triumph Travel fishing rod is top-notch because it’s adaptable, and performs exceptionally well. Here’s why serious anglers should take notice: Every bite matters when you’re out on the lake. 

The Triumph Travel rod is lightweight and durable, making it easy to feel even the tiniest fish nibbles. This rod does the trick, whether you’re aiming for little fish or big ones. Casting with it is excellent—it beats other rods, letting you cast accurately even in faraway spots. 

Though it’s easy to carry around, putting it together and taking it apart can be tricky because it has many pieces. But once you get used to it, the perks make it worthwhile. 

Just remember, the thin aluminum arms that connect the line guides to the rod can bend easily when moving it around, so be careful.

  • Length: 5-piece travel rod, breaks down for easy transport
  • Powers: Strong and durable, handles fish pulling and twisting
  • Actions: Smooth casting, accurate and frictionless
  • Grip: Not specified, but likely a comfortable and secure grip
  • Materials: X45 Bias graphite technology, HVF graphite, and Fuji aluminum oxide guides
  • Guides: Strong Fuji aluminum oxide guides for safe and smooth line movement 


  • Ultra-Light and Sensitive Tip
  • Smooth and Powerful Casting
  • Durable and Strong Guides


  • Sensitive to High Winds

You should check out the Daiwa spinning rod if you love fishing and adventures. It’s straightforward to carry around because it breaks down into several pieces. 

Even though it’s small, it’s a strong rod. Here’s why you should get one: The X45 Bias graphite technology helps the rod stay strong when fish pull and twist. 

The rod’s surface is smooth thanks to unsanded micro pitch tape, which allows your fishing line to run smoothly over the rod. You can cast more accurately, smoothly, and with less friction. Strong aluminum oxide guides from Fuji will keep your line safe. 

When you’re ready to go, this rod is straightforward to pack. The pieces are easy to take apart and store in a rugged carrying case. 

The five-part Daiwa travel spinning rod is durable and made of HVF graphite. This Daiwa travel spinning rod is perfect for fishing vacations! It’s durable, small, and lightweight.

  • Length: One-piece construction, exact length not specified
  • Powers: Suitable for freshwater fishing, comfortable and easy to handle
  • Actions: Smooth spinning action, easy to use
  • Grip: TAC grips and cozy cork handle for comfortable grip
  • Materials: High-quality stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide components
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty for peace of mind


  • Lightweight and Sensitive Design
  • Comfortable TAC Grips Handle
  • Durable Stainless Steel Guides


  • Limited to Freshwater Use

This spinning rod is ideal for enhancing your fishing abilities due to its single-piece construction and lightweight design (4.8 ounces). Additionally, its natural dark color makes it look nice. Using the Fenwick HMX will significantly improve your fishing trips. 

The Fenwick HMX spinning rod is gaining popularity among fishermen. For anyone out there who’s all about freshwater fishing and values comfort and an easy grip, you’ll want to check out this fishing rod. What sets it apart is the TAC grips and that cozy cork handle. 

It just says quality and ease of use. In other words, you may fish without any issues from sunrise to sunset. Everything has gone well all day. Alternatively put, it’s simply fishing.

This is due to this fishing rod’s attractive stainless steel guides, which have aluminum oxide components to prevent line loss. Furthermore, a simple curved reel seat allows for simple pairing and adjustment of your fishing reel, letting you decide more about catching fish. 

In addition, Fenwick provides a 5-year limited guarantee, giving you the assurance and peace of mind that you can fish without any concerns or anxieties. 

With its sleek one-piece design, spinning technique, and light weight of just 4.8 ounces, the Fenwick HMX spinning rod is an excellent option for people who want to improve their fishing skills. I also think it looks better the way it is, which is brown. 

Prepare for your next big buy or a quiet day on the water. Don’t wait to get one. You can count on the Fenwick HMX to improve your fishing trips.

  • Length: 6’6″ (1.98m)
  • Powers: Medium power
  • Actions: Quick action
  • Grip: High-quality cork handle for comfort and firm hold
  • Reel Seat: Fuji DPS reel seat for reliable and firm hold
  • Performance: Unmatched speed and sensitivity for catching bigger fish


  • Exceptional Sensitivity Level
  • Lightweight and Strong Blank
  • Comfortable Cork Handle


  • High Price Point

The St. Croix Legend Ultra Spinning Rod is designed exclusively for dedicated anglers seeking outstanding performance and unmatched sensitivity to the water’s conditions. 

This rod is made with a SCII carbon blank and a Fortified Resin System (FRS), resulting in a perfect balance of strength and lightweight construction. Due to its exceptional sensitivity level, you can detect even the most subtle touch or impact with absolute accuracy. 

Additionally, the product is designed with a high-quality cork handle, ensuring both comfort and a firm hold, even in moist environments. The Fuji DPS reel seat offers a reliable and firm hold for your fishing reel, improving your whole fishing experience. 

The St. Croix Legend Ultra Spinning Rod is a highly adaptable fishing rod measuring 6’6″ in length, with a medium power and quick action. It is well-suited for a wide range of fishing tactics and situations. 

Take advantage of the clear difference, experience unmatched speed, and quickly catch your biggest fish.

  • Length: 28-inch (aluminum rod)
  • Powers: Medium power
  • Actions: Smooth action
  • Sensitivity: Transparent tip design for increased sensitivity
  • Reel Seat: Size 20 spinning reel with one ball bearing
  • Performance: Strong and durable enough for challenging winter conditions


  • Durable Ugly Stik Blank
  • Smooth Casting Experience
  • Affordable Price Point


  • Heavy Rod Weight

The Shakespeare Ugly Stick Ice Fishing Combo is a top choice for beginner and seasoned ice anglers. 

Designed with the renowned Ugly Stik blank, this combination effortlessly withstands the most challenging winter conditions. Its high-quality aluminum design assures it will survive even in difficult situations. 

Due to the transparent tip design, you will not miss a single nibble, even in low-light conditions. The one-piece stainless steel guides and polished aluminum spool allow you to cast smoothly. The lack of friction makes casting your line easy, even when cold outside. T

he size 20 spinning reel with one ball bearing is suited for most ice fishing scenarios. For budget-conscious ice fisherman, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 has a 28-inch aluminum rod and weighs 7.2 ounces. 

It’s strong enough to handle anything the ice throws at you and simple enough that even a beginner can use it without worry.

  • Length: Not specified (one-piece design)
  • Actions: Sensitive and smooth
  • Construction: Robust graphite construction
  • Sensitivity: Detects even little nibbles
  • Grip: Fore and back cork grips for comfort and control
  • Performance: Affordable, reliable, and sensitive for a competitive advantage


  • Sensitive Graphite Blank
  • Smooth Casting Experience
  • Durable Stainless Stee


  • Limited Rod Length

OKUMA created a spinning rod to provide fishermen with a competitive advantage in the fishing world. 

Because of its unique qualities, this product is an excellent choice for any fishing trip. Specially sensitive graphite composite blanks allow you to detect even little nibbles. 

Using aluminum oxide guide inserts ensures smooth casting by minimizing friction, resulting in longer and smoother castings. Designed for durability, this rod has stainless steel hooded reel seats and a hook keeper, ensuring everything remains firmly positioned. 

The OKUMA spinning rod is designed with your comfort and control in mind. Because the fore and back cork grips are easy and natural to hold, even when they’re wet, you’ll have full control all day and enjoy fishing more. 

This OKUMA spinning rod is affordable, reliable, and sensitive. The sleek black hue, one-piece design, and robust graphite construction make it stand out. Discover the difference and catch more fish.

  • Material: Graphite and aluminum mix
  • Flexibility: Handles 6-15 lb lines
  • Sensitivity: Ugly Stik Clear Tip design
  • Comfort: High-quality EVA handle
  • Warranty: 7-year warranty
  • Design: 3-piece design with lure grade 1/8-5/8 oz


  • Super Strong Graphite
  • Sensitive Clear Tip
  • Durable Stainless Guides


  • Heavy Rod Weight

The Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Rod is even tougher than before. It has better balance and higher-quality parts that make fishing more fun.

This rod is made from a mix of graphite and aluminum, so it is both light and very strong. It can handle both freshwater fish and tough ocean experiences. Its flexibility is shown by the fact that it can handle lines weighing 6 to 15 pounds and has medium speed and middling fast action.

With the Ugly Stik Clear Tip design, you’ll feel every nibble, so you never miss a chance to catch something.

The rod is made to last. It has Ugly Tuff one-piece stainless steel guides that are almost impossible to break, and a graphite reel seat that is both light and strong. The high-quality type-D EVA handle is comfortable and won’t slip, even when it’s wet.

There is a 7-year promise on the Ugly Stik GX2, which gives you peace of mind and lets you fish knowing that it’s made to last.

The Ugly Stik GX2 is the best choice for anglers who want a bait that is reliable and tough. It has a 3-piece design, a lure grade of 1/8 to 5/8 oz, and a sleek multi-color finish. The next version of Ugly Stik toughness is about to make your fishing game better.

  • Portability: Well-made, light, and easy to transport
  • Power: Packs a powerful punch despite its small size
  • Strength: Incredibly strong and can fight well for its size
  • Casting Distance: Smaller size makes it harder to cast far
  • Handle: Handle could be longer for two-handed use
  • Overall: Fun to use despite some limitations


  • Super Strong Fishing
  • Lightweight Easy Handling
  • Powerful Small Package


  • Short Handle Design

The Ugly Stik Elite stands out as a well-made, light fishing rod that is easy to take to your best spot to fish. Do not be fooled by its small size; this stick packs a powerful punch. 

After catching it, we saw that this fish is incredibly strong and can fight very well for its size. There are many pros, but let’s also look at the cons: There are many good things about the Ugly Stik Elite, but there are also some things to think about. 

As expected, its smaller size makes it harder to throw far. Here’s something to think about if you mostly fish by throwing. 

Second, the stick’s handle should be longer so that you can’t use both hands at the same time. Still, it’s fun to use the Ugly Stik Elite.

  • Performance: Excellent water control
  • Smoothness: Super smooth casting
  • Reliability: Weather-resistant
  • Zero Reverse: No backspin
  • Weight: Ultra lightweight
  • Durability: Built to last


  • Smooth Operation Guaranteed
  • Reliable Zero Reverse
  • Lightweight Durable Design


  • Limited Weather Durability

At the bottom of the list, the Lew’s fishing reel is an essential tool for professional fishermen because of its excellent water control and seamless operation. 

With its 4-bearing system and Speed Lube technology, this fishing reel makes throwing and retrieving fish easy and smooth, even in challenging weather conditions such as heavy rain or strong winds. 

For instance, during our testing in a storm, the reel maintained its smooth operation, proving its reliability in adverse conditions. A one-way clutch bearing with Zero Reverse reduces backspin. All you have to focus on is hauling in your catch. 

The reel is lightweight and straightforward, thanks to its split-grip EVA grips and distinctive graphite frame seating. You can use it for fishing in any condition because it is lightweight (12.48 ounces) and constructed of durable graphite. 

Lew’s fishing reel is an excellent if you’re looking for a combo that defines with strength and efficiency.

How to Choose the Best Inshore Spinning Rods

The first step in determining which rod is ideal for you, like with other fishing gear, is to know when and where you’ll be using it. Knowing what species you’ll be targeting and how you’ll be fishing can help you pick which rod style is ideal for you.


There are many different styles and methods of fishing that can be done near the shore. If you like to fish with light gear and throw small jigs and twitchbaits, you need a sensitive rod that can cast smaller lures. Also, if you like to jig heavy fish or throw big plugs, you’ll need a rod that can handle that much stress.

Rod Power and Action

People often mistake this for the other part when it comes to spinning rods, which is one of the most frustrating things about them. “Power” refers to how the rod is put together and how much weight it can hold when fishing or fighting fish. When you cast, work bait, or fight fish, the motion of your rod is what you’re talking about. There are different levels of power and action. Power levels range from light to heavy, and action levels range from slow to fast.

Most of the time, middle speed and fast action are used on inshore rods. This grade usually means that the fisherman can use a wide range of baits and catch a lot of different kinds of fish. Fast action means that the tip and general feel are stiffer, which lets the bait move faster and the hook set stronger. A softer overall feel and a more flexible tip are usually signs of slow action. This lets you make more careful and slow moves. For fish that shake their heads a lot or have soft mouths, slower movements are usually best because they help soften the impact and keep the fish shut.

Materials and Construction

There are different kinds of inshore spinning rods. A carbon fiber or graphite blank that is very light can help keep the weight of the rod down, but it might not be able to handle heavy lures or bigger fish as well. Some rods are made of a mix of materials to make them better at different skills. However, this can make the rod heavier and heavier to hold. Some carbon blends make rods lighter and stronger, while others make them more bendable.

The style and material of the rod guides are also important things to think about. For saltwater, you should always get guides made of metal or stainless steel, which don’t rust. There are also various types of guides, some of which don’t twist and work better for throwing. Finally, it’s important to know what kind of insert you put in the guides. This is the part of the guide that touches your line, so you’ll want something that doesn’t quickly break or pop off. Metals like aluminum and titanium are just two examples of the many materials that can be used to make inserts.

Lines And Lure Weight

Line and bait weights will be marked on all rods near the reel seat. These will help you figure out what kinds of fish your rod can handle.

There’s nothing keeping you from going beyond the values written near the reel seat to catch bigger fish, but don’t do it. Your rod might not be able to handle bigger fish than it was made for, no matter how good you are at fishing.


There are a lot of great spinning rods here, though, so it might be hard for you to choose. Because of this, I think you should get the St. Croix Premier if you really can’t decide. There is no better boat than the St. Croix Premier when it comes to power, weight, durability, and speed.

You should have found your dream spinning rod by now. Now you need a spinning reel that is good enough to go with it. These are the best spinning reels to go with your spinning rod.